Alimentaire [ah-lee-mon-tair]

adj. French word for food, nourishment. Of or relating to nourishment. Furnishing sustenance. Describes precisely Franca's traditional breads and baked goods, made of 100% real ingredients.

Meet Franca

It has been my philosophy since I first began selling my breads and baked goods in the winter of 2015 to offer wholesomeness over convenience, and taste over cost.  This has been my #1 guiding principle and has driven my decision making and made me aware not only of where these values are shared and practiced but in what places they are absent, too, and, therefore, most needed. Real food should not be a choice for only those consumers who live in a certain location and are of certain means, but for all people, everywhere.  


nourish. connect. inspire


600 Trade St, Tarboro NC 27886

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