Mission & philosophy


Our mission is to nourish our community with fresh, great tasting bread made simply of locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients, and in connecting people to the flavor, goodness and wholesomeness of real food made from scratch, educate and inspire in them a stronger foundation for living a healthier, happier and more resilient future for themselves, one another, and our planet.

Good Bread. Real Ingredients. For All.


The philosophy we use to guide our business is the same one we apply to living a healthy, wholesome life: All Things in Moderation but for Truth, Adventure and Goodwill. These are the principals with which we look within ourselves and to one another for guidance. To help ensure that the decisions and actions we take are in lock step with these deeply-rooted values we follow seven guiding principles:


1.     Authentic—Real Food made by Real People

2.     Fun—Life is full of dull tasks. Preparing and eating food should not be one of them.

3.     Sustainable—Definitions, if one can even be said to exist, vary.

·       Ours goes something like this: Food that is produced, processed, distributed and disposed of in ways that contribute to thriving local economies and sustainable livelihoods, both here and abroad; protects the diversity of both plants and animals and the welfare of farmed and wild species; avoids damaging or wasting natural resources or contributing to climate change; provides social benefits, such as good quality food, safe and healthy products, and educational opportunities.

4.     Shared—Good things in life, food especially, are so much better when shared.

5.     Balanced—Veggies. Grains. Dairy. Meat. A little of everything goes a long, long way.

6.     Friendly to the planet—We know this may feel like a repeat of Sustainable, and that’s fine. It’s important enough to mention twice. One of the many ways we do this is through an avid commitment to recycling and composting.

7.     Safe—There is no reason whatsoever anyone should ever become sick or injured while preparing, eating or handling food made with real ingredients. Harvesting, that’s another matter, which is why we support our local farmers so they can afford to take all the necessary precautions that Mother Nature does not get the best of them.