meet Franca and Steve

Hi, we’re the Gilberts, and we are your bakers. Located in downtown Tarboro, NC, our bakery strives to be the best place around to find tasty, wholesome breads, pastries and other baked goods for both your pleasure as well as sustenance. Since 2015 when Franca first began selling her baked goods at farmers markets, our philosophy has been to offer nourishment over convenience, flavor over cost, and goodwill over great profits. These three tenets have been our #1 guiding principles and have driven our decision making since the get go. Doing so has made us more aware of where our efforts overlap (big cities), but also where they are absent (small towns like Tarboro) and therefore most needed. Because at the end of the day, real food made of wholesome ingredients should not be a choice for only those consumers who live in a certain location or are of certain economic means, but for all people everywhere.

Nourish. Connect. Inspire.